a game which provokes the question, maybe the soviets had it right after all?

User Rating: 3 | Republic: The Revolution PC
we like this game. we do. then we hate it. we hate it so much.

it's not a bad game... it's just not polished. we absolutely love the concept. the political strategy game genre is comprised of a handful of titles and remains relatively unexplored. republic had some potential that ultimately just wasn't fulfilled.

the game play isn't too terrible, just not very fluid. it's an overly tedious process to do relatively simple tasks. the management system is similar to gangsters: organized crime. as a rising revolutionary, most of your time is spent scheduled actions in advance and doing the occasional discussion minigame. beyond that, it's being forced to sit and wait out the entire day as one long cutscene to see if the scheduled actions were successful.

not sure what could have made it more fun. on the one hand, it's a relief that micromanaging has been scaled back so one can have the distance required in orchestrating a strategy in the bigger picture. on the other hand, there's just a lot of waiting around for the coin toss decision if an action failed or succeeded.

we love the idea. love the music, for the first few hours. graphics are decent. difficultly is a little on the steep side exacerbated by the tedious gameplay.

haven't beaten the game. played it for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. one would think that to achieve a goal after spending that long working on it would be satisfying. one would be wrong. it's pretty much all guilt and no sex.

the game may not be a 3.0... we'll concede that. it's just... it's a dirty dirty tease and we're the jilted lover left with nothing but broken promises and stale candy. we love the game more than the game loves us. it's heartbreaking... so yeah... there's probably a spite factor at work.

it is one of the few games that really disappoints us to the point where we don't want to write it off as just a failed game, but we continually wish it were better. we've installed and uninstalled this game a dozen times... it just promises more than it can deliver... which is a crying shame because with more work a game like republic: the revolution could easily become one of our favorite games.