A Brilliant Idea. Manufacture Your Own Revolution. But As History Proves It Is Nearly Impossible To Create A Revolution.

User Rating: 6.5 | Republic: The Revolution PC
Well the story is basically about getting revenge and to remove the corrupted government from power, with communism long gone the government of Novistrana in hopes of keeping power declares the current president, President of Novistrana forever. Well Let's get to the game, The game-play is a little klutzy when starting as you might constantly find a pain in trying to finding a starting point. Before starting your party you are asked questions which will benefit several things such as force, charisma and etc...When you do start a party you also have opposing parties not just the current government. This game requires a lot of time as you need to focus on your political rising and each decision has its drawbacks and advantages such as choosing your party members which should be chosen carefully. The thing is that to even get to the point of being a worthy opponent to the Novistrana government is hard, because you have to convince the people that you are what is best for them and some of your opponents have twice the support.The world of novistrana is full of events such as strikes or crackdowns it really shows the world in both the corrupted and deceived, The country itself is ripe with political turmoil and police brutality. In the end when successfully beating the government by using either force or etc.. you are leader of Novistrana and the game ends. So the game-play needs a little tweaking before it is the idea it wants to be. Now the graphics are quite great for a strategic games usually they focus on game-play, most notably the weather and time. The soviet-era vehicles litter the streets although imported cars are some times seen. The Idea of the game is wonderful, truly it gives you the idea how hard and tough political or military revolution is created it tells how in dept society has become with politics. In Short this game is very ambitious and can achieve in terms if political games but it is still a very unbalanced game, I would recommend it to people who would like to understand and influence how political systems are run both corruptly and democratically in terms of certain fictional or corrupted countries but I would not recommend it to a person who wants to get into the action while there are some action such as police crackdown it is not the strategy blow them up action.. So there you have it, It may not be the best but it still deserves a place in strategy games as a successful ambitious project. As History has said "Revolutions are best if they are scientific"