Ah well, they tried something original and got a below average game that will be quickly forgotten.

User Rating: 5.9 | Republic: The Revolution PC
It takes an extemely long time to get accustomed to Republic the Revolution and even when you do the gameplay isn't that rewarding.

The graphics are ok and some of the landscapes are quite impressive but it doesn't make up for the linear and somewhat dreary missions that ensue. The cutscenes are quite nicely done, but the camera angle really gets on your nerves and is fiddly to work with. The conversation idea was a good one, but wait a minute......to make sure it's realistic thy've got them speaking in Russian, supposedly, which simply doesn't work and it can be confusing to know what to do next if your a beginner to the game.

So basically it's a total waste of time playing this game as it takes so long to get anywhere, and when you get there it's a dissapointing result - sigh, it spent so long in production as well.......................

At least they tried something original, but it didn't pay off and I am seriously dissapointed in something that could have been memorable - this will be forgotten, or at least I hope so, because it's not something I want to remember.