disappointing.this could have been much better....but it wasnt to be.

User Rating: 5.5 | Republic: The Revolution PC
After the collapse of the soviet union the state of novistrana is thrown into dissaray.you play a young man trying to gain enough support to rule novistrana.
This game acctually takes alot of brains it is based on politics,taking differant parts of the city and bringing powerful people into your faction to help overthrow the presidant and rule novistrana.
It is very hard to get used to as there is no tutorial and they speak in russian,with no subtitles,so you dont know whats going on really. The game is acctually very hard and the missions are a bit boring,i didant even bother finishing this game. some people might like this game but i didant.
The only good point is that the graphics are great..its just a shame the rest of the game lets them down.
Luckily i bought this game in the sales..... some people were'nt so lucky..need i say any more.