Republic the revolution is a game that has a great idea for gameplay but ends up failing pretty badly.

User Rating: 5 | Republic: The Revolution PC
Story: Your a Communist politcal activist trying to starts a revolution in your country. Your country has just got a new corrupt facist president and you try to stop him

Missions: Split into days. Bribe people,go to there houses pretty much do anything and everything you can to get people to join your side and take down the president

Controls: No real controls in the game. Just click where you want your friends to go and what you want them to do.

Features: Great Graphics for its time,New gameplay,intresting story

AI: The ai in the game trys to help you as much as it can and its pretty smart. They know when your cause is bad they know what the president is doing is bad. They know your actions.

Graphics: Pretty detailed graphics for its time. Detailed huge citys..not GTA huge but still sizeable. Very detailed enviroments.

Audio: Voice acting is great even though it is all in Russian.

Multiplayer: None

Requirements: A little knowledge of politics and how to persuade people.

The Good: The sound and the graphics

The Bad: Horrible,unintresting gameplay. No real interaction with people. You send your friends to do it while you just watch.

The Ugly: You

Replay Ability: None

The Bottom Line: A game that should be good with its new and intresting idea but just fails badly.