Waste of time

User Rating: 1 | Remember Me X360
I was pretty hyped up about this game, being a die hard dystopian fiction fan.

From the get-go, i was not having any fun with the game. It looks gorgeous, but for some reason i am not getting into the story, the platforming and especially the fighting.

Only an hour into the game and i get beaten the crap out of me, because of an unfocused fighting mechanism. Instead of having fun, and feeling like a bad ass, i feel waves of frustration coming over me, and simply hating the game. Now that hasn't happened top me in a looooooooooooong time.

It looked so promising, but after an hour i trashed the gamebox to the wall. A game that manages to do that, being so lineair and boring, deserves no attantion at all.

Leave this game be, I can't believe the hype.

It's back to State of Decay i guess. Only for 20 dollars. Can you believe it?