A gorgeous-looking game contrasted by its ugly and unpolished gameplay basics.

User Rating: 6 | Remember Me PC
- Visuals/graphics: 9/10 (excellent)
- Gameplay: 6/10 (mediocre; OK)
- Audio/Background Music: 8.5/10 (very good to excellent)
- Story: 8/10 (very good)
- Voice acting: 7/10 (OK)
- Human and other models: 7.5/10 (solid)
- Viscerality: 6.5/10 (OK; both combat and platforming lack visceral impact)
- Atmospherics: 8/10 (very good; the city has an organic feel to it, but excessive linearity keeps it from being excellent)
- Gameplay Difficulty Scaling: 5/10 (fail; *easy* may be very hard, hard is hard)
- Mechanics/Movement: 4.5/10 (fail; very basic set sprinkled with QTEs and not very good at that either)
- QTE: 1/10 (fail; as usual I take points away for any game using this obsolete piece of keyboard/mouse mashing crap)
- Gameplay Interruptions: 4/10 (fail; frequent cutscenes or *tips* interruptions interfering with the gameplay fluidity and even during the boss fights)

Haven't had any technical problems and running it on the highest settings. However, many peeps encountered tech problems that could have been easily resolved given 6 more months of development, refined PC porting, and polishing. Excellent visuals and the environment only to be limited by the game linearity. TPS mechanics are very basic and primitive with often weird cam angles. Annoyed with WASD movement choice for TPS -- say, pressing *S* turns the character around rather than stepping backwards; same with *A* and *D* (it turns the entire character to left or right rather than strafing to left or right) -- they should have left the character orientation movement direction to mouse rather than keyboard. Combat mechanics are OK, but nothing exceptional -- while there is some originality in customizing your own combos/chains, the stiffness, obstructing cam angles, followed by (hated) QTE button mashing takes away lots of goodwill people may have for this game. Platforming is just passable, just don't expect the sophistication of Tomb Raider 2013. Overall, both combat and platforming lack that sense of viscerality. Minor and major boss fights, and many of them irrelevant to the story, are all over the place and accompanied with a seriously uneven gameplay difficulty scaling there is a danger for many people to get stuck relatively early in the game and lose the willingness to finish the game.

Overall, this game is fun to play especially for people who like a brawling type of combat. For others who expected more of a stealth game or more of outsmarting opponents rather than keys/buttons *outmashing* them there is not much here. The excellent visuals and really stunning environment is unfortunately not to be explored -- if you need the classic definition for gameplay linearity just remember *Remember Me*. This is a type of game that provokes either extremely positive or extremely negative opinions. As usual, an approximate real game worth is somewhere in between those two extremes. Personally, I wish the developer went more with the exploration, memory manipulation, stealth rather than focusing on brawling. But that just me. Replayability is zero or close to zero with NG+. To me the real problem is that the game needed maybe 6 more months of development, additional refined PC porting, and polish to make sure the launch is flawless as much as possible. A gorgeous-looking game contrasted by its ugly and unpolished basics. Score: 6.2/10.