A potentially great game wrapped up in a good game's clothes.

User Rating: 7 | Remember Me X360
I've been recently looking at the recently released schedule of games like Fuse this month and have quickly come to realize that this month will be a rush of good games. Not great, not average or below, just good. 7 or 7.5 out of 10. 3 out of five. C+.

Remember Me seemed to me like a great game in the making with modifying the memories of a select target to either kill themselves, remember something important like remembering to turn off the stove before dinner burns or remind them of a regretful drunken night and bring up the possibility of infection.

That is what I wanted to do in Remember Me, and for some part I did. The problem was it wanted to turn the protagonist into a futuristic female Ezio Auditore between these parts, and at least with the character of Nilin it makes the main character seem well realized like Ezio. I had no problem with this as long as I got an open world with some interesting side characters and side jobs to do, just like in Assassins Creed 2.
What I got instead was an open world looking area without the open world and some very average side characters with average dialogue who average out to be nothing but a distraction. Yes, it was average but unlike some games who try to do the exact same thing, at least Remember Me executed these points better then other games like the aforementioned Fuse.
Something tells me I would have appreciated Remember Me more if it was turning into a Portal type game, in which you are person A, you do a random but well executed selling piece over and over, tie it up into a good but short story and leave it be. The Memory Modifying was the Selling point of this game, but to me it got so caught up with the in-between bits it just landed on the review target of good.
I can appreciate that a large company like Capcom would take a chance on a new IP like this but if Capcom needs something at the moment its unique titles that separate themselves from the pack like the original Devil May Cry.
Remember Me definitely has this potential to do something different and unique but for some reason decided to try and throw in Assassins Creed's gameplay into the mix. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be part of the game from the beginning but it could have been removed easily enough or maybe even made better.
Much like how EA treated Fuse, something tells me Capcom was just treating Remember Me like the stereotypical father and daughter's boyfriend scenario you see in Sitcoms: "Hey, you exist and I sort of approve of you, I just don't want to dedicate any time to get to know you or have to put resources to you since you weren't an original idea, or something I could trust to succeed. I might in the future, but for now you must deal with general ignorance."

If you absolutely have to buy a game this month, wait for The Last of Us. Even then you still have excellent games like Metro: Last Light or Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon begging for your attention, probably each game lasting longer than the Remember Me story campaign. If you really want to play Remember Me, rent it or wait for the price drop.