Simply put, Remember Me is one of the most beautiful, engaging experiences to come in a long time.

User Rating: 8 | Remember Me X360
Simply put, Remember Me is one of the most stunning games to come in a long time. Beautiful visuals, a gripping soundtrack, and a well-designed protagonist unlike any other, make for a fantastic experience that will draw you in from the very start.

The soundtrack especially is one of the hallmarks of the game. It has a REZ-like quality to it. During combat, music has a sort of techno style, with a beat that seems to fluctuate depending on how well you fight. String enough combos together, and the speed of the music picks up and flows. Take a hit however, and the music appears to grind to a halt as you recover. Add this to the innovative, albeit underdeveloped, combo crafting system, and the solid feel that combat has in general, and it makes for a wonderful fighting system that will have you looking forward to every encounter with the residents of Neo Paris.

Nilin herself is a fantastic character. She seems more real than other protagonists in almost every way. Nilin is possessing of a rather exotic look, and coupled with a fantastic voice actor she immediately becomes appealing from the very start. The developers seem to have taken a clue from the recent Tomb Raider as well. Nilin walks and runs in a very life-like manner. She glances around at various people and objects that she passes, looks behind her every now and then as she runs, and holds her arm up to shield her face from the heat of flames in the event that you encounter them. Such elements serve to bring the character to life in a more engaging manner.

Remember Me is not without flaws however. The combat system, though solid and innovative, feels like a missed opportunity. The combo lab allows the player to create a number of combos from four different varieties of moves, thus giving the player a measure of control over how combat plays out. However, the system might leave the player with a feeling as if there should have been a few more move types to work with, and perhaps a couple more combo strings to customize. In terms of length, some players may also feel that the story is rather short at an estimated 7-10 hours. It is worth noting however that quality over quantity is a mantra to live by, and Remember Me should not be overlooked simply because of its length.

The story itself is best left as a surprise, to be discovered by the individual, but altogether these aforementioned elements of the game make for a fantastic, engaging experience. The game can only be compared to the likes of Enslaved and Okami, more art than anything else. While some may feel that Remember Me is more on the side of art and doesn't quite step over the border to the side of gaming, it is nevertheless a wonderful experience that should not be missed for any reason.