Interesting story with a good combat twist that's something new

User Rating: 6 | Remember Me X360

Remember Me was one of those games I just got because at the time there was nothing better on the market that I haven't already finished playing. I'm glad this was the case as I would have been thinking to myself "Surely there is something better out there right now?"

It's a great story, something I've never seen in any of the games that I've played. You're a memory hunter who has lost her own memory. You are guided by Edge, a disconnected voice that's communicating through the airwaves to you, guiding you on your lofty quest to find your memory, and destroy the ones who took it.

The story actually has a lot of little unforeseen twists, making it really interesting. Another aspect of the game that is actually very clever was the way you can kind of customize what your combo's do. You're still stuck with a set combination of buttons, but what that attack will achieve is up to you. Will it deal extra damage? Will it heal you? It's all up to you.

The camera, when left unchanged, does sometimes get a bit annoying in fights. It gets stuck in walls and you're left having to let go of your combat buttons to fix it, leaving you open to the relentless incoming barrage. The graphics isn't amazing, maybe it's just because I don't like dark orange spaces. I don't know.

There are some parts of the game where you can manipulate people's me%Amories to change the outcome, and so changing the way the person feels about you or the situation they are in. These sequences are actually a lot of fun, but I was hoping for a bit more than the few you get through the game.

It's a Fair game, with a decent story and some good idea, but I feel that as a first go at a new IP they may still be learning what works and what doesn't. I actually hope there is more of this game but with some tweaks to the combat builder and a bit more memory manipulation.