What, no thread mentioning the stutter yet?

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Are you kidding me? This has to be one of the biggest flaws in the game, and from what I've read on the CAPCOM forum, it's not just on PC. I easily have good enough spec for max settings, and I even tried it with VSync off while averaging over 150 FPS, but it still stutters badly.

My guess is CAPCOM won't fund the time for Dontnod to fix it. Lately they seem to excel at farming out dev work to other studios without overseeing the work properly.

I can see why a lot of players don't want to spend the bucks on top shelf video cards and such. You pay all that money and expect great performance, only to get shit from people like CRAPCOM.

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I have noticed the stutter on the otherwise flawless Frame Rate I am getting. But it has never come during a fight or platforming for me so it is not a big deal.  Maybe that is why you have not heard much.  Stuttering during level transition, saving, or in between action is not that bad.

If it was in combat, people would be complaining. 

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I still find it unacceptable that every time you jump down into a new area you get this massive blurry hitching. We don't buy top of the line GPUs to put up with this crap. Too many people are selling out and using UE3. It's an ineffecient outdated engine.

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I thought the game was too heavy for my computer/graphic card.