Need help with Combo Lab

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I can't seem to get the hang of structuring my Pressens in the Combo Lab, it's very confusing. I understand you need to time your hits to string out combos, but there's so many combo trees. How do you know which tree will be used?

Then there's the fact that each slot can only take a certain type of Pressen (punch or kick). I prefer to use punches because they're quicker and easier to time. I started having to think more about where to place them when I encountered the first Elite Enforcer.

I went by someone else's advice of using a Regen, Regen, Regen, Chain, Chain combo, but the 5 strike combo tree will only let me use an odd mix of kick, kick, punch, kick, kick. For a combat system that appears to allow customizing, it has some odd restrictions.

I've yet to see my Regen, Regen, Regen, Chain, Chain icons show up onscreen in trying desperately to use that combo against Elite Enforcers. I'm getting by, but taking lots of damage. If I weren't playing on Easy mode, I'd probably be getting killed.

Another thing that's confusing to me is how the damage value is calculated, and why are there checkmarks on some Pressens. You continually unlock Pressens, but are they all the same value or do some have higher value?

I did fairly well in Batman, and beat it on all difficulty modes. This game is really only vaguely similar in combat. The combos aren't nearly as fluid. Here's a pic of my Combo Lab settings. If anyone can offer some advice I'd appreciate it.