Game is awesome, though many didn't like it

User Rating: 8 | Reign of Fire PS2
Game is based on the awesome movie of the same title, and in this game you get to play as bother fighter and dragon, going around using rockets, heat seeking missiles, machine guns, to kill the dragons, and as a dragon you get to fly around spitting fire and the people and village, whats not fun about that.
Now, the game did come out a while ago, so the graphics are not like GTA IV, but still pretty good since it came out like in 03. The story is like an extended version of the movie, which is good cause its not a short game, in about maybe like 10 or so hours... the game does get redundant but its still really fun blowing up the dragons, and spitting fire at the village and people. so if you lucky enough to find this game ( i did at gamestop ) then get it, cause you most likely wont find it to rent anymore, so this is a buy, unless you can find it, then more power to you..