War between a dying human race and new race the dragons

User Rating: 6.2 | Reign of Fire GC


The human controlls are that bad but are not the greatest it is definetly not the best and I would recommend looking elsewhere. So you will also find yourself probably hitting the walls using the vehicles. That you use a vehicle of some sort and never are on foot, I wonder why? I do not think you would be able to out run a dragon on foot either they can not even out run them using a vehicle. That for the camera it is pretty good suprisingly but it is also not the greatest, but it is still good.


From playing human and going to dragon the controlls for the dragon are alot better than human controlls. The dragon you control is always in the sky, but the controll are easy to use and that you might find first-person view a little bit easier to use though I switch between them. The dragon controlls are pretty much good.


Nothing to really say here except you will hear the sound of terror and the sounds of the dragons. Really there is not any music in the background other than what I said already. That there is also vehicle sounds.

The graphics kind of hurt the game they basically look like it could of been on n64 or playstation systems. I would like to see this game to reach metroid prime's level of graphics. It is like games like these that most people think the gamecube did not have graphics. But I do say the graphics of the dragon look veryy good. But really this needs a lot of work.

For this you get to play two different story lines that would decide the fate of one race or the other. First off you will have to play the humans through half of the game then you get to choose between human or dragon. But I choose dragon since we all know what race what of won anyway. That the game takes place in the year 2020 something and the technology they have doees not even look like they even can beat an entire race of dragons. They look like tech from our time. That you will also need patience for the(I recommend listening to music or something else)game because the loading times take forever. If you die you have to see the loading again and again and again every time you have to restart the level and I think it takes you from the beginning of the level to, but I could be wrong. So overall if you like dragons I recommend this game if you do not it is a waste of time or if you do not have patience for this game do not buy it but it is only like $5.00 to $10.00 now so you will not be trowing away to much money. That overall I say the game did a pretty good job but still frustrating so be careful.