Surprisingly bad.

User Rating: 5 | Reign of Fire PS2
I thought when I borrowed this game from a friend that it would at least be semi cool. I loved the movie and didnt even know they made a game, and they shouldnt have. As you start it doesnt seem too bad but once you get into your first battle, you find yourself battling mostly lizards and such on the ground as well as some dragons in the air. I dont remember there being lizard dragons anywhere in the movie or in folklore. The vehicle controls are horrid, dont allow you to shoot one way while driving another, you can only shoot the same way you are moving, like a WW2 airplane almost. They should have added an AI to control the gunner or the car or even allow a player to use the second analog stick. The dragon controls, once you get half way through the game you get to play a dragon, seem ok at first but definitely dont allow you to be an agile predator capable of unlimited amounts of carnage like a dragon should be. You are slow and sluggish.
Overall the game is a little fun but leaves alot to be desired.