I will admit its not the greatest and it does get boring, but this game has its sparks now and then so try it out.

User Rating: 8.8 | Reign of Fire GC
This game is a good presentation of the movie which was very good, but I believe that they could have done a lot more to make this game better and inspite of it it just comes to show you that this game had more potential and they did not fofill there side of it. So inlight of it I will not give it the rating it could have had, but the rating it deserves for what it amounts to.

I do like the fact that you can play both sides, theHumans & the dragons, but the levels need a little more action and more fighting and less objectives to do other then fight them of(the humans or the dragons).

Words Of Edvice: it isn't what it seems, but what they say is not that far a stretch. Try it out first before you buy it.