A game noone should play, much less own

User Rating: 2.9 | Reign of Fire GC
Like Activision's Minority Report, Reign of Fire is another movie based game that just plain out blows. Granted it is a better game than Minority Report, but that's not saying much. In the game, you will play as either the humans or the dragons. Playing as a human requires you to drive around in a hummer type vehicle shooting guns or missles at the dragons and such to run lame, repetative missions. Playing as the dragon lets you fly around and shoot fireballs. Oooooh! Lame! The play control of this game is bad. Driving the hummer is nothing like driving say a Warthog in Halo. No comparison. Controls are overly sensitive too. Graphics are terrible. Bad textures, Bad choice of colors,a lthough it is supposed to look rather drab like the movie, but still. Just bad. I couldn't reccomend this game to anyone, even as a rental.