Fun Game as single and multi player.

User Rating: 7.9 | Red Steel WII
Red Steel is the first game I have got for Wii (apart from the usual Sport & Play) and I am having great fun with it. The controls only took a while to get to grips with and the level lay out was varied in look. The range of weapons where fun although other than the targeting options & some fire rate they did not make a lot of difference, I would like to have seen a more strategic need in choosing witch weapon to pick up.

I really like the sword fighting it added a different element to the play and it the part I found most challenging, thus making it the most satisfying. Everything can be shot at and that I love I look forward to going through the levels after completing and just having fun shooting up the place. The Multi player aspect is good I have only had a few chances to play it put each time we had great fun, lobbing grenades with the nunchuk was great fun ( shame it’s not on-line but for RSII may be ) Over all I would say it’s worth the money especially if you have friend who can play the Multi player with you. If they release a second there are places for improvements but I would still see it as a must own for any Wii owner how likes FPS games.