Better than its predecessor in every conceivable way. Easily stands out as one of the best 3rd party titles on the Wii.

User Rating: 9 | Red Steel 2 WII
The original Red Steel is without a doubt one the of Wii's most disappointing titles of all time. The game was not terrible (mediocre is more accurate IMO), but it failed to live up to its hype that Red Steel might in fact add a new dimension to the FPS genre. The main reason why many were left wanting more was because of the games shoddy sword controls. Not only were sword fights in controlled environments but the game did not always replicate your sword movements on screen. The game was panned critically, and many consumers felt it was a waste of fifty dollars.

Red Steel 2 however delivers that gameplay experience that Wii owners have always wanted and it delivers that experience perfectly. Everything about this game is completely different from its predecessor. Art style, graphics, characters, setting, weapons have been given a fresh coat of paint. It really feels like a completely different game (which is a good thing).

The best part about this game is the ability to use sword the whole time. No more controlled sword fights. You can run around Caldera hacking and slashing at everything you see. All my slashing movements are accurately tracked with virtually no lag whatsoever.

One of the other things that I liked this game are all the different moves you can do. There about 8 hidden moves and 5 Kusagari powers. The moves themselves are easy and incredibly fun to perform, you can also combine these to perform some awesome finishing moves. the moves are so fun and satisfying that you will pretty much look forward to every encounter you have with your enemies.

The only gripe that I have, which was a pretty major one to some people, was the difficulty (bear in mind that I have not played through it on ninja mode yet which is the game's hardest difficulty). The Tiger which is a move that allows to parry attacks and stun the opponent at the same time, can turn this game into a cakewalk for some people. Not only that but the money, which allows you to buy weapons and upgrades, is extremely easy to come by which gives you the ability to easily power up your character, this also can make the game easier by the making the fights nice and quick instead of challenging. Personally, I found the normal mode a bit on the easy side but I did die quite a few times as there were spots that gave me a pretty decent challenge.

In conclusion, Red Steel 2 is all about fun, and that is pretty much what the game is. This time Red Steel 2 delivered in every way and gets rid of the bad taste that the first game left in your mouth. It is a Beat em' up where you actually feel like you are beating people up, as opposed to just mashing buttons on a controller. Ubisoft has vindicated themselves and has given Wii owners one the best third party efforts that they will see this gen.