Not much story, but hitting things is fun!

User Rating: 8.5 | Red Steel 2 WII
Red Steel 2 is short on story and loaded with great sword combat. The fighting is intense and you can switch easily between your sword or gun. The M+ (which is required) makes a huge difference and almost always does what you want it to do.

The game is set up pretty simply you take a mission, go kill some guys, return to one of the many dojos, learn a new move and repeat. Learning new moves often keeps the gameplay fresh and helps defeat weak enemies faster. Which is helpful because there is a wide variety of enemies who get harder as the game progresses.

They game is never too hard but is never a push over. There is three diffuculty levels which should make it great for anyone

A review on Red Steel 2 wouldn't be complete with out mentionng the outstanding graphics. The cel-shaded graphics are among the best on the Wii. Some of the finishing seems to push the T rating to the max. There are also nice animations for climbing, jumping and opening doors.

Overall this is a great game for anyone who doesn't really need a great story and wants to make great use of their M+.