A realistic multiplayer experience..

User Rating: 8.5 | Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 PC
[This review is based on the update that was released on September 19th 2006.]

Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 is a World War II First Person Shooter that focuses on the conflicts between the German Forces and the Russian Forces between 1941 and 1945. It contains infantry and armoured combat, and the most realistic gameplay i have ever witnessed in a PC game. Motion blur, not knowing how much ammo you have in your magazine, realistic damage and lots more.

The first thing i noticed when i played the game for the first time is that your character doesn't move like a normal First Person Shooter character does. Your arms appear to be independant from your head and the rifle doesn't have that "glued on" look like a generic First Person Shooter game has. I also noticed that when you aren't sprinting, the jog-type motion your character has is very slow. I started on the "Practice" mode with the bots set at the default setting (forgot what it's called). The A.I for the practice mode is challenging, and helps you get to grips with the game very well. The classes that you are presented with are pretty basic. You have your Assault Trooper (specializes in Automatic weapons (MP40, PPsh etc)) your Machine Gunner (who usually has the big guns (MG42 etc)) your Semi-Auto Rifleman (they have the G41, G43 etc) the Riflemen (they get the Kar98, Mosin etc) and the Snipers (they get the K98/G43 scoped etc etc) You must think wisely when choosing a class. For example, say if, you were good at rushing an objective, you would probabally want to be Assault Trooper. But if you have a good aim and can keep your head down for long enough you would want to be a rifleman.

My first experience online wasn't the best i ever, but it was good nonetheless. I found that accidental teamkills are quite frequent in this game, which may make some users turn away. But i find it realistic and a simple "Sorry" can make things better if you are unfortunate enough to take someone on your own team down with a grenade.

The tank combat can get frustrating at times, like the game itself, you need alot of practice and alot of patience for this game to do you well.

The sense of realism is what really blows me away though, motion blur from grenades, getting your weapon shot from your hand and having to sprint back out onto the battlefield to retrieve it, artillery that obliterates almost everything in it's path. Those are some of the elements that made me sit back in my chair for a second and think inside my head "......Woah."

The graphics are quite well done aswell, especially when you pass the corpse of a shrapnel-ridden enemy and check out the missing arm or leg. It adds to the atmosphere and emphises on the horror of war.

All-in-all i think this is a "You either love it or you hate it" situation. If you love realism in your games, you should definetly give it a look into. If you're not, you might get frustrated and regret buying it. Either way, this is a great online game.

Thanks for reading, i think i rambled a bit :P