GREAT online!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Red Faction: Guerrilla X360
I'm going to make this simple as I can. This game is just great single player vary fun lots of missions and side missions weapons to unlock. Really fun just running around bringing buildings down all day :). Driving in the game is ok not great but you wont get all mad driving around, and taking a truck right thru a building is always fun. Some bad the story not the best Graphics are ok no gta4 graphics here but no horrible or anything 8/10.

Now to the great about this game the online. simply just FUN! I could play this online all day and night, they have about 125 unlockables xp system they keep track of like 100 stats just crazy all the stats in the game. They got jet packs and stealth packs in the game lots of crazy abilitys you can pick up and they are really well balanced. They have 6 modes 21 maps. Sure they will have some DLC coming out to. All in all just get this game it's Great. Tell you 1 thing I have not played 100+ hours of this game yet but I will. If you get this game you will too.