Guerrilla shows just how long ago we played the first Red Faction.

User Rating: 7.5 | Red Faction: Guerrilla PC
I really enjoyed the very FIRST game. It was literally revolutionary in what it presented back in the day. Destructible environments, futuristic weapons, miners on the red planet..... unfortunetly, i think the idea of a first person shooter like that one is really out of the question by now. I am even more convinced of that after playing this latest installment.

Hence the game feels like a sequel to Mercenaries rather than of the original.
Its pretty sad that after playing through most of the game I still don't even know the main characters name. It shows just how much you don't get involved. 90% of the story unravels in the first 15 mins of gameplay. After that, its a rollercoaster of tedious work.

I admit, destroying buildings with satchel charges, bazookas or even with the sledgehammer can be fun. But not worth making an entire game on.

But as a concluding thought. It is a nice game overall, yet again its incredibly shallow and repetitive at times and just leaves you begging for something more.