Redemption takes the Wild West and uses it like never before.

User Rating: 9.5 | Red Dead Redemption X360
Most games that come out go into the Modern category. Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and others all fall into it. So Rockstar decided to turn the notch back 100 years to the Wild West. Rockstar are known for their great games, but can they tackle the age of the Gunslingers?

This game uses the same engine as GTA 4 and has some of it's elements. The minimap,shooting, sprinting etc. A closer look will prove that it is in fact, nothing like previous Rockstar games. The world is more open, side quests are more interesting, and it has, in my opinion, a greater story. I will break this down.

Story: John Marston, a flawed, but easily likeable man is working for the government. He is attempting to arrest two outlaws and will work his way to them, no matter what, for he wants to save his family. I think it was a great concept, and along the way, you'll really get to know him. 8/10

Atmosphere: A great western landscape, from New Austin to Mexico. You will hear the shootings in the distance and the gallopping around. The sun shines against the screen, adding to the dry feeling of dirt and the cacti. When you pass through bushes, they move. When the weather is rough and sky is booming, if there are some hanging silk objects, they will blow with the wind. I was so immersed, it felt like watching a Clint Eastwood movie! 9/10

Graphics: Rockstar never fails here. All characters are great, and the world looks incredible. 9/10

Variety: Rockstar's strong point: Extras. There is so much more to do in the West. You can complete challenges, mini tasks that require you to do stuff like, kill and skin 5 boars and 3 armadillos and collect a certain amount of plants. You can also unlock outfits, which, like challenges, make you do mini tasks. Some outfits even have certain effects. Then there's side quests that have fun objectives, whether it be locating a missing person to blackmailing a nominee for the mayor. There's so much to do it's crazy! 10/10

Conclusion: Red Dead is a great buy and I reccomend it to open world gamers. It offers great gunfights, great characters and plot, awesome extras (some I haven't even mentioned in this review) and one of, if not the best, game of 2010.

I hope this helped you with your descision.