FINALLY!! Wild West Done Right!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Red Dead Redemption PS3
The hype wuz real! This game rocks!! Right from the beginning, this game shows whats so great about the wiild west days. Everything from dueling an outlaw to horeseback riding from the cops in a cactus filled desert. Rockstar took everything we loved about GTA and put it with better graphics and set it in the wild west. And if ur not a fan of the desert, well they have an answer for that too. Snow, trees, bears, all the above. The gameplay is fast paced and done right. The graphics are AWESOME. The story mode (which is the sole reason y i got the game) is perfect. Just when u think the game is about to end BOOM some other huge plot change occurs. I recommend this game to any fan of action, wild west, GTA, or just anyone who wants to play a game well worth 60 bucks and have fun doin it!!!