The old west....Cowboys, Indians & Amigos, Great Job Rockstar We have a classic!

User Rating: 9 | Red Dead Redemption PS3

I have been meaning to review this game for quite some time. I didnt really know what to expect when I got this game, I had heard a lot of about it, but never got a chance to play it until recently. This game takes you back to all those classic John Wayne, Clinton Eastwood type of films. The dusty rural old west. A time before cars, telephones, toilets and maybe even AC. The games tells the story of John Marston and desire to free his family from corrupt government officials. During this process John has to execute or capture members of his former posse. You as the player are dropped in an open world very detailed landscapes that favor southern California, Texas, Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming and Colorado Utah. In fact Mexico is actually in the game itself. and the US side of the game i broken into 2 regions. As you play through the adventure of locating your old gang, you will also be tasked with side quest of hunting bounty, hunting wild animals, helping strangers in the wilderness and various competitions like horse shoes, poker, arm wrestling & bird shooting. The game is just a well made game. No major glitches, no freezing. great characters, great voice acting. Now I want to point out that this is a Rockstar game of the Grand Theft Auto fame. There is mature element that I expect from a game like this. The possibility of video game sex. Grand Theft Auto has been known to feature prostitutes, strippers and girlfriends that you can be sexual with. I think this game needed that element not in a pornographic way, but there should have had some interaction with the women of the game. One thing that was looking for the most was the presence of the native American Indians. Indians were in the game but they weren't very diverse like the Americans and Mexicans. Rockstar could have had one Native village some where in the game, a reservation maybe, but something. To show the natives in their daily lives. The wild animals to me were some of the best parts of this game. Wolves would attack in packs, vultures would swarm after a massacre, grizzly bears and mountain lions would attack if you wandered into their hunting path. It was a true wide open wilderness. After killed and animal off you can take its fur, hide, skin, teeth from it and barter at the locate shops. Animal parts that are rare to another region would go for a higher price. The story will have you on the edge of your set. I recommend this game any Playstation 3 owner out there. Its definitely a game you can relax and get lost in. the controls are not super hard and the learning curve is very fair. Plenty to do here in Red Dead Redemption and again I would give this game a perfect 10 if not for the lack of diversity with the native Indians and the lack of women interaction. If they do a sequel to this game, I may check it out. I honestly think a game in this western genre will be hard to top. Peace.