So F***** Glitchy i might just sell it

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Red dead was my new favourite game of all time, until it started glitching......

i see so many threads saying "oh red dead glitches are so harmless and funny, lets all discuss them and laugh" and that really annoys me because i just lost all my fortune from being killed by bounty hunters, then spent ages earning most of it back , my saves seemed to not work and then i was trying to lassoo a thief, it refused to let me and kept making me lock onto some akward old women and then the thief shotgunned me and i went flying through a wall and into a building your not supposed to be able to enter, therefore i cant escape and had to load my save which lost me hours worth of good progress.

And thats not the only time i've lost loads of progress due to glitches getting me killed, my horse has refused to stop near me and keeps running off, random civillians just pull their guns out and shoot me in the face as im walking past with my gun holstered, minding my own buisness ,even when i have no bounty and the highest possible positive honour rating.

Is anyone slese getting these sorts of glitches ?

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I did! Just clean your disc that's what I did and these stopped. Hope it works for you.

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its def not game related. u might wanna clean your disc, it might even be your system honestly. cause it was so glitchy for me when i first bought it when it came out... and my system died soon after - so i think it was cause my system was a piece of s***. maybe even clean some clutter outta your hard drive, i dunno. i hope you get around the glitchyness, i can tell you like the game.
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RDR is a diesel game. It killed my fat ps3. Since I got the slim I never had a single problem. If u have a fatty that might explain alot. Otherwise I won't say anymore cause I have no idea what the problem might be n I hope u figure it out! 

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i don't recall any glitches or bugs during my game play at all :/, the only problem i had was with network connection