Red Dead Redemption: Undead Review

User Rating: 8 | Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare PS3
It's been a while since Rockstar released the original title, RDR. Initially this expansion pack were only downloadable via the PSN,however Rockstar felt it was of a good idea to release this title for purchase in games stores.

The title itself provides some extra gameplay and a whole new story to the original title. This genre's see's John Marston be at home with his family after killing the people who were out to threaten him in the original game. But being called "Undead" this game indicates that not all is what it seems. Overnight the villages and towns of the West Country have been destroyed and overrun by the living dead, and it's up to John to find any remaining survivors and find a cure to return everything back to normal.

Rockstar have kept all gameplay controls the same, making it immediatley playable and familiar to fans of the genre. With a whole new story and plenty of missions to content you, Rockstar have provided a great game to keep you going until Christmas. What's more this game is made unique by the fact that a zombie game has never before been seen in a cowboy and West Country title.

This game makes as an excellent extension to the original and creates the perfect package for the main game.