I only have one disk?

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I just bough a ps3 last week (im a pc gamer and would like to try console gaming). I bought this game and it only has one disk on it. Do i need to download the dlc? How Do i access it? What I have is the greatest hit Red dead redemption game of the year edition.

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i have the 360 version and it came with 2 discs. one has the campaign and the other has multiplayer and undead nightmare.

I don't know if that is the same case with the PS3 version but I did not have to DL anything as it was on the second disc.

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if you have the goty edition it all comes on one disk

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The PS3 discs are more advanced than the 360 due to it being Blu-ray, the PS3 GOTYE will only have the one disc. Its like L.A Noire, the Xbox has 2-3 discs while the PS3 just has the one. The only time a PS3 will have 2 discs is due to extra special features like my Kane and Lynch had.