Survival/RPG that has way too many options that downplay the fun!!

User Rating: 6 | Red Dead Redemption 2 PC

I went into Red Dead Redemption ll looking for a solid action/rpg. Instead, I got a survival/rpg that is extremely tedious and way too realistic for me personally. This is just my opinion as I know some people will love this game, it's like playing a movie. For me though, not so much. For all the fun action to be had, you may spend an equal amount of time or more just riding your horse and listening to dialogue. I can take this in little doses but compiled with everything else I didn't like, I had to uninstall. I have no interest in creating a bond with my horse. I have no interest in feeding my horse, petting my horse, grooming my horse and cleaning the mud off of him so his health core doesn't deplete. I have no interest in customizing everything my character or horse wear, I don't care what haircut they have, I don't want to give myself a haircut or my facial hair will grow, to me, this isn't fun. Again, I can understand how people want to play a survival, simulation, rpg but this isn't for me. You can clean your guns because they get dirty, there is an extreme attention to detail in this game that goes way far beyond a game and into "movie" mode for me. If you feel like spending 10 minutes riding your horse across a map to get to your mission and then riding back and checking out graphics and scenery, then this game may be for you. However, if you expect an Assassins Creed approach to open world where you can just go into camps and raid and loot and keep the action fast paced you will be very disappointed. Another thing I'm not into that much is hunting, I can do it on a casual scale and I don't mind hunting, but when I have to put down bait, wait, and follow tracks around and around, it just gets really boring to me. This is a slow burning match and the best moments are discovered after hours of patience and preparations. Red Dead Redemption ll is not for everybody, as it is a super tedious and slow game.