Confusing mechanics

User Rating: 1 | Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4
HORRIBLE controls, too fast fps when gun fights start and now all the weapons that used to be accurate are ALL junk in fact the new gun system makes no sense like since when were weapons in video games? My mother would be devastated and take me out of Christian club. The new mechanics such as the criminal and honor system seem useless. you have to be at a rocks throw distance to kill players with a one head shot. when you are rifles distance away it now takes several shots. the ai's are stupid as hell, when you try to defend your self in the towns you end up becoming a criminal and when you try to clear out the gang hideouts sometimes you become the criminal if an AI escapes and tells the sherrif that you failed to participate the Z shape in the proper place. the horses movements are extremly clumsy and when you call them they never come to you,unlike shapes. you have to run half the map to reach your horse. Who even runs cuz I’m lacking the speed down ability. this game is fastly moving towards Tetris in fact I don’t understand where the shapes have gone and why I can orient anything in a certain direction.