First impressions

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I have the feeling that some game devs are heavily "pushed" by game sites. Rockstar is one of them.

I just got the game, i was very hyped up, the graphics seem slightly worse than Odyssey, but unlike the Odyssey, i have encountered a game breaking bug that forces me to restart the game, right in the very first 3 minutes!

I applied the day one patch, 1.02, before i start, yet after a short walk in the snow in my horse, when i reached the destination and as i was about to come off, the horse turned and i was unable to hitch it. Unable to do anything for the same matter.

It is the first time i run into such bug in years, esp In a AAA title. Any game of the AC series would have got a 6 from GS, for smth like that, but not their favourite companies...