Challenging and long platform game

User Rating: 7 | ReCore: Definitive Edition XONE

This game could have been great, but it was incredibly challenging considering the kind of game it is.

The game is good but, it is very long and frustrating by time to time.

The story is OK, it is the good part of the game. The gameplay is also good. There is not difficulty setting, in this sense, I recommend:

1) Be leveling up all the time. Before trying the last part of the game, first level up at least to level 30.

2) Invest a good time trying to find hidden box and get all the parts as possible. The boxes have blueprints / schematics to upgrade your companions, you need to collect all the parts as possible on the world in order to use the blueprints.

3) While your companions are being leveled up, you need to upgrade them using the blueprints (and the proper parts needed).

So, level up, get all the blueprints and parts and possible.

During the game you will find some dungeons, try to do as much as possible as well, given that when finishes then there is also several boxes or crates with blueprints, life enhancements, and prisms balls.

There is live upgrade or enhancements hidden around the map. Try to get as much as possible too.

The last part is extremely challenging and frustrating . The only way to beat the game is following my above recommendations

If you get the Definitive Edition, you will have a new part in the map. That it is the far northwest (that part of the map resemble a star ship). There are three dungeons that give you arm upgrade to make the last part easier. When you get all of them you will be almost ready to get to the end.

The game takes around 30 hours to be, including the DLC into the Definitive Edition.

If you like get frustrated all the time and suffer to get to the end, this game is made for you, enjoyed it