A blast from the past!

User Rating: 9 | ReCore: Definitive Edition PC

There is no better example of a game bringing classic elements in modern gaming today!

True blast from the past & delight for true gamers, Recore will challenge you in every aspect and remind you what gaming was created for - challenging you with unique & exciting traversal mechanics, combat system allowing you to discover something new with each encounter, vast world full of collectibles and story to discover in the company of some of the most relatable companions - corebots!

Although Recore lacks a long enough cinematic story that would have drawn a better picture of the Lore behind it, precisely the focus on more gameplay than introducing double ended entirely story-driven experience, is making it a "blast from the past", reminding us of the times when we felt delighted engaging in unknown frontiers in gaming so we could unlock another peace of the story with a new exciting cinematic!

Recore has an old soul that's worth tons in modern gaming!

Recore is a brand new title that's also introducing a next gen take on classical gaming mechanics, and we have no doubt to consider it a success. Although it has it's flaws it's an amazing and one of a kind adventure combining well executed environmental puzzles, platforming and action sequences.

Recore is a game for gamers willing to dedicate time in a game and these types of games are hardcore games - rare to see nowadays.

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