Gave to understand the bad reviews.

User Rating: 5 | ReCore XONE
ReCore was much criticized in the criticism and also by the public, and the game is very barred so I decided to buy, and I was enjoying the game a lot in the beginning, but the end of the game is so bad and totally discourages the player, it forces you to Do missions and enter where you already entered, and this annoys, the game had potential, with cool graphics, a big map to explore, but it forces you to do things to finish the game, and the game has a very bitter difficulty , The last boss is very annoying to win, the plot is interesting, but the game can not take advantage of its potential, the game has many bugs in the version of Xbox One and Loading are ridiculous of long, and this discourages much, and game Leaves a point for a possible continuation, ReCore has a promising start, but it is increasingly falling in quality over time, full of bugs, loading slow, history badly executed and forces you to do secondary missions. Note 50