Generation 3, first battle map. game freezes

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On the 360 version of the game. i had moved back to the 2nd continent to explore Trum Coast for a bit of exp and the items then came back to the 3rd continent to get started on my 3rd generation playthrough.

Ive had the game sieze up on me 3-4 times now during the first battle map. Best I can figure its something related to one of the moves causing the game to glitch up ( a friend had a very similar issue in Agarest War Zero so its the only hunch ive got to go on) during the battle, some moves have worked, then when others are about to make an attack including the mercenary enemies the music will cut off, animations are still going on the battle screen and once i go to execute a move or the enemy does it just siezes up. You can see the little circle toward the bottom right hand corner of the screen spinning as if it was loading, but it just sits there 'loading'

EDIT: Unistalling the game data then re-installing seemed to fix the problem, forgot to update this last night stating that.