Aragest War Zero is a solid Turn Based RPG.

User Rating: 7.5 | Agarest Senki Zero PS3
Aragest War Zero is on of those games that is so easy to get lost in. The battle system is instense at times, the story line is.very good, and has tones of.content to.keep a player inthrolled in the game.

On one side, Aragest War Zero is your typical turned based tactical RPG where you have characters that level up large range of.spells and attacks. You venture around a kingdom where you gain members so you can fight against the threat of your world.

The games voice dialouge is.all in Japanies so for people who dont like reading this game may for you. But.if you can look past that, you will be in for engrossing game.

Probably one.aspect of the game i should mention is that it has a sim dating aspect to the game. Which is a part that i adore and what keeps it rather engaging. Although at thr first half of the game is limited to three, your later section.when you play as your.characters son, ths options increase drastically.

So curl up and get lost in the world of Aragest War Zero