PRIVATE BETA: Review and Gameplay.

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Overall 9/10

Recommendation: Buy this game.


I was lucky enough to play the early access of this game and I must say I was impressed by what I saw.

The first thing I would like to highlight is the soundtrack, it is very reminisced of Firefly in all the right ways. The second thing I noticed that impressed me was the overall look of the game and the art style really blew me away. I have played many early access games and none were as smooth and clean as this game. It is an open world styled space game with a rich main story and questing system. You can choose what kind of person you want to be, a hero or a villain, a trader or a pirate. There are multiple solutions to the quests that can help define what type of character you are going to be. as well as a faction and reputation system that puts forth real consequences to your actions. This game will be the next big thing once it releases to the pubic and I definitely think it is worth the buy

GRAPHICS: The game is beautiful and preforms very well. Your ship can take damage which is shown visually on your ship. From blast holes to laser burn marks the damage system is very impressive. Another thing worth noting is how the smooth the whole universe is with thousands of objects being tracked and rendered by the engine at any given time, this includes ships, space stations, debris, weapon fire, planets, asteroids(mine-able), stars and other stellar bodies.

AUDIO: The soundtrack to this game just blows me away it is one of the best I have seen in a very long time and definitely is a defining factor in the game. It gives the game that gritty feel that we love so much in space games.

COMBAT: The combat system is different than most point and shoot space games of days past. Although there are many different weapons you can install on your ship the primary combat mechanic seems to be based on broadside cannons which adds a lot of new kinds of strategy not typical in a space game. Your ship also has turrets which are capable of being controlled by an AI(governed by settings you apply) but are just as easily control directly by the player. The defensive systems of the game are customizable as well but they basically consist of energy based shields, defectors and hull. All of these defensive options can be customized and upgraded.

ECONOMY: This game includes a in depth economic system facilitating a "trader" character build. In this system you can basically buy low at one station and sell high at another depending on a random event generator that causes situations were the price on some products to change.

BUGS: For an early access title I was surprised that I found nearly no bugs. The only major bug I found was the game would crash occasionally when trying to exit the game for the main menu but this was not in any way game breaking and I am sure it will be fixed by release.

Thank you guys for reading this review and a big thanks to the developers for giving me the chance to play this game early.