Privateer Was Good, this is Great

User Rating: 9 | Rebel Galaxy Outlaw PC

Simply a great game. Does not hold your hand and is a wonderful spiritual successor to privateer. I would say it is better. Wanna be a space trucker? This game has that. Want to be Bobba Fett and hunt bounties while tractor beaming your prey into your cargo hold and enslaving them? This game has that. Want to paint Boobies on your ship and name it the Milk Drinker? This game has that. While you are doing all this you can tune into a host of built in music channels or make your own playlist. The game has been up a little over 32 hours and already has several patches addressing player issues or adding suggestions. No micro transactions no BS just pure space game joy. Modding will be added soon and it will be very interesting to see what the brilliant modding communities will come up with to improve upon or add to an already excellent game.