I you like fighting bots then this your game, for us old school players remember Rockem Sockem Robots ! It's just fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Real Steel X360
Ok I have to say right off hand I did go see the movie and i loved it, when I saw there was a game on XBOX arcade I wasn't surprised, I said to my self this is gona suck. But you know curiosity kills the cat, so I tried it and found myself going back to it again and again, so needless to say I bought the game. I like how you can customize and upgrade your bot as you rank up, it has online game play so thats cool too, but there's not a lot of players online, that would be one of my dislikes and the other being how they nickel and dime you in the market place. there are some upgrades you have to spend microsoft points on. But thats up to you if you want to add some color to your bot. there are some performance upgrades to be had as well. But most importantly if you go on line with your bot and manage to find someone to fight, your going to need that extra help, cause let me tell you if you go in with out some help you will get your head handed to you, the bots are nearly maxd out and are no joke. So if you like fighting bot this is the game for you, think of Rockem Sockem Robots if you remember that game. I could be showing my age now.