Real Steel is a basic side scrolling fight game with playable robots. It really grows on you for some reason.

User Rating: 6 | Real Steel PS3
Like the review deck said, this game is a side scrolling brawler game, where you play as either characters from the movie, or custom made robots that you can name.

Main Game - 7/10
As for the primary mode of the game, you are required to play as your own custom made robot that you can upgrade and name. At the beginning, you have 100,000 dollars to spend on one of three different $75,000 robot chassis: Speed, Strength and Standard. Each one is a blank grey, but you can change that by paying $2.99 of real money to download the Robot Designer, which allows you to paint your robot and detail it, for example, a robot named Skar with a black and orange flame paint job is re-creatable by using the Robot designer. As for the main game, it has 5 different "Stages", which are actually leaderboards consisting of 5 robots, including you. You start off at the bottom of the first stage, "Underworld Stage 1", right behind Scrapbot. Most of the robots you battle will be made up, but some are from the movie. Notably, whoever is at the top of the leaderboard for each stage is always a character from the movie. Every time you defeat a bot, you go up on the leaderboard. Some battles change the match rules, like "IDA-TEN" has seven rounds instead of five, and Skar has one 10-minute round, instead of five 2-minute rounds. An important thing to note is that if your health bar is depleted, you get knocked down, and you have a chance to recover half of your health bar. You will see 4 different bars, and each bar is based on one of the attack buttons. You need to fill up all four of these bars to get up. The first time you are downed, the bars will only have about a quarter of them depleted, so it is pretty easy to fill them up. To fill them up, you need to rotate the movement joystick in circles, which will cause several rings on the screen to light up blue. Lighting up one ring usually fills up three quarters of a quarter of the bar, and double that is what two rings do. Once you are comfortable with how many rings you've lit up, press one of the attack buttons to fill it up. You probably don't need to know this, but you have TEN SECONDS to do this. Oh, and try not to get knocked down twice, or else you will have lost about 3 quarters of your attack button bars.
Also, you will always eventually unlock certain parts. A few other things: You can block attacks. You can block your head and you can block lower. You can also attack high an low. Pressing block or attack buttons is always a high action, but pulling the movement joystick down at the same time as pressing the button will create a lower version. You must hold this to achieve a lower block. Every time your blocks are hit, your arms will take damage. If they take too much damage, they will be knocked off. Same goes for your head. If your head or both arms are knocked off, you have taken an A.K.O, AKA an Annihilation Knock Out. This means you are disabled (head) or unable to fight back (both arms) due to a part being knocked off, thus, losing you the fight. You can also A.K.O. other bots.

"Multiplayer" - 6/10
Local Multiplayer mode allows you to play as characters from the movie or your custom robot. This also allows you to either play against the computer, or your friend with another controller.
Online Multiplayer allows you to search for online sessions and fight other players. The gameplay is the same.

Graphics - 4.5/10
The graphics aren't that good. They're pretty much just slightly better than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for the Wii. The textures are pretty good, but it looks pretty bad when they try to make a shiny smooth surface. The best texture they could do is rust. Oh, and the shadows aren't too good.

Sound - 8/10
The sound is pretty good. The clanging pounds of punches landing is fairly realistic, and pretty much all of the other sound is good.

Overall - 7.5
The game is pretty fun, but it can easily get boring, but it can get a boost of fun by beating up earlier enemies when you get good at the game.