Real farm review

User Rating: 7 | Real Farm XONE
I'm just a gamer. Mostly 1st person shooters. I didn't like this game at first to be honest. My girlfriend hates this game. Reason being is that it takes quite a bit of time to advance in this game. But I found a glitch in this game and i found it to strike my curiosity. I feel as though I cheat playing this game the way I found to be the fastest way and easiest way to progress through this game and avoid the farm grind you have to endure. I wish I could disclose the method I have found to work but I don't wanna leave a spoiler alert. So I'll simply say you can't avoid the grind to 350k. However working toward 1,000,000 is possible and if you figure out what I did then cheers to you. I enjoy this game and finding the fast ways to progress in games always makes it better. I wish however resetting equipment would go to your farm once you own one rather than the vehicle shop. Fun game none the less.