Revolt is a much better game then indicated by Gamespot very unforgiving score of 6.5.

User Rating: 8.3 | Re-Volt PC
Revolt was a very good game when it was released and is still enjoyable to pop in and play today, many years later. For it's time Revolt had amazing graphics, and very good track design and a very interesting concept. Revolt puts you through tracks varying from cruise ships to museums as you race around in miniature remote control cars. The game is fun and addictive and provides a greater challenge then what would be expected from what appears to be a childrens game. Revolt is a very solid racer, even on today's standards. There are plenty of unlockables and variety in this game to last you a decent amount of time. I enjoyed this game for many hours and felt i needed to review the game due to gamespot's bad review. This classic game definitely deserves higher than a 6.5 and deserves to be tried by all racing fans, and even non racing fans.