User Rating: 8.9 | Re-Volt PC
What was this guy thinking about rating this game a 6.5, this is a great game that absolutally deserves a lot more then that. This game has tons of stuff to unlock like over 20 cars in total and tracks. The cars have classification of the Weight the car, and the Acceleration, and of course the Speed. The tracks in this game is cool because you can go REVERSE, MIRROR, and REVERSE-MIRROR, I have never seen that in any other driving game. There is a Championship where you have to complete the Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup, and Platinum Cup, beating it unlocks tons of cars, tracks, and lots of stuff. This game also has Time Trials to unlock the tracks in REVERSE, MIRROR, and REVERSE-MIRROR. There is Stunt Arena for you to pick up all the 20 stars to unlock a new mode. This game also features a Practice mode where you can either practice or try to find where the star of the track is. There is also the Single Race mode for you to win the race in first place in all tracks. Wait! There is more, this game also features a Track Editor where you can build your own track with bridges, bumps, dips, turns, intersections, and a lot more! So, now you know that this is a great and fun driving game. If you are a PC gamer that loves fun driving games, there is absolutally no reason why to not pick this game up.