T.V. party is a solid port on the DS , But its way too easy for its own good.

User Rating: 6.5 | Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party DS
The Good:Rabbids.Minigames are fun for a few hours.

The Bad:Its way too short. Its way,way, too easy.Graphics arent anything special.Mini games in score mode are way too long.

T.V. is the third instalment to the raving rabbid series, and is probally better off being a wii only game.Dissapointing multi-player.

The story mode is a board game type thing,with you being rayman,trying to get to the T.V before the rabbid. After everyones turn, it lets you choose your own choice of minigame.This sounds great but its too short,repititeve,and way,WAY,too easy to be any good whatsoever.

At least you get some great minigames from it. But it gets a bit boring and to easy after a while. It also last a long time before the minigame acuatally ends.The mutli player is a huge dissapointment,you now can only have 2 players, and the mini games are still boring.

Again the graphics are OK but, nothing that special.

Overall, If you dont have a Wii the DS version is a good idea.If not get the Wii version.T.V. party is a solid port on the DS, But its way too easy for its own good.