Dancing is freakn awesome... the rest is lackluster at best.

User Rating: 6 | Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party WII
This game, although it has a single player campaign, it is really meant to be a multiplayer experience. So, with that said, the single player mode was a pretty poor, you just play the same games only by yourself. I had a feeling the game was going to be pretty lame. We played the dancing mini games at brothers house and enjoyed them so we bought tv party for ourselfs. Dancing is the only reason to get it, the other games are somewhat stupid. I didn't really find them funny and comical like the RRR2 games.

Story 4/10:
You get a series of cut scenes, which kind of tell a story about rabbids being trapped in a TV and irritating rayman. But otherwise its pretty lame.

Gameplay 6/10
Dancing was really fun. If all the games were as fun as the dancing, then it would have better rating. I'm not even a rhythem/DDR person, but the tv party appealed to me. Many games are of racing or sleding where only one person can play at a time. Which might have been ok it the it was 30sec, but a race can easily last 3minutes which means its boring for the other players. I don't have a WiiFit board, so maybe I'm loosing something from the experience. Whats with all the costumes??? You collect them but you can't even use them while playing?! Why did they change this? RRR2 was cool cause each player could decorate their rabbid, which was fun to see what each player would come up with.

Controls 6.5/10
In general the controls were ok. Many times the drawing games wouldn't recognize a simple line. The music instrument games suck, they're way too sensitive and difficult to time correctly. RRR2 was better in the music arena.

Sound 6.5/10
Nothing outstanding about the sound. The instrument songs are suck, but I enjoyed the classic songs from the dancing games. The menu music will drive you nutz pretty quickly.

Graphics 6/10
Nothing outstanding about the graphics. Kind of on par for all the previous rabbid games, cept maybe the wrestler guys they were horrible.

Fun 6.5/10
When played with a group of people, this game has the potential to be fun. Dancing is fun in groups, which is what we enjoy anyways. Single player is boring.

Overall 6/10