Rayman Origins

User Rating: 9 | Rayman Origins PS3
Rayman has a wonderful history that began years ago. Once the first Rayman PlayStation a rock-solid platformer to gradually make the transition to a 3D platformer. Yet it is already several years ago that we have seen Rayman, Ubisoft partly because the attention to that **** annoying Bwwaaaaahh 'rabbits. These are just on vacation, because Rayman returns in classic form, but with all the techniques at issue in the year 2011.

Rayman Globox, along with other characters and lovely to chill in a tree and as each character its own noise creates a beat. The live tree Dark Sounds which are quite disturbed by this beat and decide to stick to a stabbing. The Dark Sounds peaceful world of Rayman, the storm and the result is that the friends of Rayman are captured. Rayman let this happen and not just decide to go into battle with the Dark Sounds and then his friends free.

Rayman will have to do this in a sixty levels that lie in different worlds and each world has its own theme. So one moment you run through the jungle and the next moment you find yourself in the desert. Naturally, each world its own style of level design and what is paramount is variation. In each level you get new things when it comes to platforms and learn new skills in each world, which can then be used directly while playing.

These skills range from fighting to flying. Shortly after you've got a particular skill to get directly to do with this run. So we could fly just two seconds and the first pit after seizing this skill was flying over a ravine in the back and gradually came to this level increase. With more and more skills you will unlock more and more variation in the levels. Precisely these levels are a strong point of this game.

This is not only by varying the level design, but also by the visual style. The whole world is in such a graphic style that developed it really looks good in HD. Visually it's not Uncharted 3, but the game may be labeled as a title that is at the highest level of visual splendor will run. Now that's a 2D platformer with a character-like style, perhaps a bit easier than the technically complex titles like Uncharted 3, but nevertheless this game may be in appearance absolute.

The audio can be just as positive. It fits perfectly into the atmosphere the game and want to project the necessary sounds funny when you knock an enemy, and more about bashing quite well. But if we take a critical look at the whole, this game is actually a rock-solid platformer. Thus, the entire game in 2D, and each world has its own theme. Along the way you gather new skills, so the variation in gameplay is getting better. Visually it looks strong and the audio, there's nothing to be desired. You would think that you are dealing with a traditional platformer that not much new under the sun.

That maybe true, but this game feels like more than that. This is mainly due to the fantastic level design. Each level is so put together that it is perfectly correct in terms of gameplay. Everything goes well together, and it is every time a pleasure to play through a level. The whole game you will soon several hours working, but then the game has enough replay value. Thus, the complete searching for all the Lums, which you can collect, and the hidden coins here and there. As you complete each level to 100% want, please note that a huge number of hours of play, because the game seems to be initially simple, but make no mistake to do so.

The entire game can play on your own, but when a friend who wants to participate, you can. The game features drop-in drop-out co-op and that up to four people. When playing in co-op is a nice combination. So you can compete against each other in terms of most collected Lums, which during the work is also a kind of mutual competition is present. It is also that you can give collapse, sometimes hilarious moments when you can generate completely pointless in four another man able to save. This course on the Rayman style, especially for lots of enjoyment.

Rayman Origins is one of the best platformers of the past year on the PlayStation 3. There has been lovingly worked on this title, you can feel it immediately. Visually, the style is very strong, the audio is excellent and the gameplay is very entertaining. Both alone and in cooperative mode. However, for newcomers as clumsy as you are thrown into the deep after starting the game. But that makes themselves happy well soon, because the levels are so finely put together and perfectly playable thanks to the variation in style and gradually acquire the skills. In short, with Ubisoft Rayman Origins delivers a very entertaining game that it actually may be counted as one of the surprises of this season.