User Rating: 10 | Rayman Origins X360
Very few thought it was possible to bring Rayman back to life. Since the Rabbids came Rayman's fame began to fade and soon the Rabbids took over and Rayman was no more. Then the original creator spoke: A New Rayman is coming! It caused quite as stir, and many and most (including me) tought it was going to be another failed re-hash. But boy were we wrong. Ubisoft had a golden oppurtunity to bring rayman back into the digital world, and they used that oppurtunity to make the best platformer EVER! Yes it's 2D but if crysis was 2D Rayman whould have better graphics. Everything is hand-drawn and animated as smooth as possible. The enviroment, character animations and basically everything is breathtaking. The only problem is to fully enjoy every aspect of Rayman Origins you need to play at 1080p. At this resolution you can take everything in and you will feel as if your in a new world. The gameplay is smooth and challenging. This game makes Mario look like Dora the explorer. The 4 player co-op is as fun as it could be. The gameplay is perfect. Now $60 for a 2D platformer is expensive, but this isn't your average platformer. THIS IS RAYMAN! If your a fan of Rayman or just enjoy a brilliant platformer you should stop reading this now and go buy it. If all the Rayman games coming is like this, I say well done Ubisoft. Well done. You have succesfully brought Rayman back into the gaming world.