What is this garbage! Oh for the love of God, read my review before you buy it.

User Rating: 3 | Rayman Origins PS3

So you thought Rayman 1 PlayStation game was bad enough? Rayman Origins is notorious, notorious for being the most if not the most rage quit-ing game on the ps3 i'd never gotten close to beating it!

But there are some things i like, i like the Characters animations, the opening cut-scene looks good, & the graphics looks great. But sadly this game is such a pond-scum!

Let me tell you what i hate the most, i hate the instruction Manuel because OH YOUR SUCH A CHEATER! It's insulting, is painful, it's rude, don't read it! The controls works good but it's slippery & i'd encountered so many unfair deaths in my life like some bad games frame-rate issues.

I thought ubisoft next-generation were supposed to do more than lame-o side-scrollers.