While it has been scaled down for the 3DS, it remains addictive and fun.

User Rating: 8 | Rayman Origins 3DS

The good: Tight controls, levels design is not too difficult from design to the pace, enigmatic boss battles and time trials, sound and music has its charms, enough level numbers and things to do to improve its value.

The bad: The difficulty is slightly easier than the console versions but on par with PS Vita, no co-op play in any form, the secret levels (by unlocking skull diamonds) is nightmarishly challenging.

It will be best if I summarise this: Rayman Origins on the 3DS is as good as the PS Vita version but on an easier level. While its fun overall, compromises has to be made to fit into the 3DS version.

This game is deceptively simple in its overall design. The controls are responsive and the levels feel comfortable to play. But because there's no co-op play and it's made for the catridge, compromises has to be made.

And that's the difference between the console and the handheld. The console difficulty is slightly harder because of the number of traps and other items filling up the screen. The PS Vita and 3DS has been toned down and certain levels been trimmed down to fit for the handheld. So the difficulty feels more easier to breeze through but its understandable but enough of that.

It goes without saying that a good game wouldn't work without graphics and sound but the 3DS delivers well. It's sharp, it's colourful and it's easy on the eye. But the flaw which is worth not mentioning is the saving and I just feel it needs to be optimize more to keep it running smoothly. The sound follows suit with cute voices, great sound effects and mesmerizing music.

The value is great the because there's enough levels to keep you playing. Not just 2D left-right side scroll, but also sitting on a mosquito shooting enemies on a trip to save the circle purples in a cage. But watch out for one thing, if you get all skull diamonds, you have to endure a few challenging levels in a secret area before dealing with a final boss which is to say the most difficult ever (and looks silly but it's a Rayman game, not a hardcore 3rd person game anyway).

So if there's a choice between consoles and handheld comes down to taste. Console may make a better choice in terms of more enemies, traps and challenges and co-op play but if you choose handheld, you also have to deal with the limitations that goes with it. Play this version if you want an easier time in getting through the game, well if this is your first time. But if you're a pro, go with the console so take my word for it and enjoy this version of Rayman Origins.